Vancouver lawyer’s “press conference” goes off the rails (VIDEO)


Yesterday we shared the story of how Jaspar Atwal held a “press conference” with his lawyer, Rishi Gill, denouncing terrorism and attempting to set the record straight regarding the controversy surrounding him regarding the Prime Minister’s visit to India.

What we didn’t share was the interactions Mr Gill had with Global BC’s Jordan Armstrong after the reporter attempted to ask a question.

Armstrong had presented a query after Mr Gill had told reporters there wouldn’t be any for his client. Taken aback, he then questioned why media were invited to a “press conference” but weren’t allowed to ask questions. That was when things went off the rails in a direction the lawyer surely hadn’t intended at the outset of the “press conference”. The interaction is shown below, as captured by one of our colleagues at the Vancouver Courier.

The drama spilled out into the hallway afterwards where the two continued their conversation, with Mr Gill accusing Mr Armstrong of “defrauding”. This video below was captured by Ian Bailey from the Globe and Mail.

If you’re looking for a good story involving lawyers, perhaps you’ll want to read this one from earlier this week about two who are helping some kids in Merritt get a rainbow crosswalk.

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