B.C.’s Liquor Distribution Branch moving to Delta

Sandor Gyarmati / Richmond News



A huge new liquor distribution facility is heading to Delta.

The province’s Liquor Distribution Branch has been operating through its Vancouver distribution centre on Rupert Street since 1964, but will be on the move to a new space, which will be called the Delta Distribution Centre, at 7003 72nd Street.

The branch signed a 10-year-lease for the space which, at 400,000 square feet, is nearly double the current facility.

A LDB spokesperson said construction of the DDC is currently underway. While the timelines depends on a number of construction variables, the branch is hopeful it will be operational starting this summer.

Meanwhile, the branch is currently on the lookout for a separate space in the region to distribute recreational cannabis. The facility could end up in Delta as well.

As the wholesale distributor of non-medical cannabis, LDB will purchase non-medical cannabis from federally licensed producers and distribute the product to both the public and private retail stores across the province. The LDB is the only entity that retail stores can purchase product from. However, it will be up to the retail store to determine which products they choose to purchase from the LDB and then sell in their stores.

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