V.I.A. Podcast Ep 17: The all-food spectacular


This week, the V.I.A. podcast gives listeners what they have been hungry for: An entire show dedicated to food, glorious food in Vancouver.

Burgers and fries/Shutterstock

We kick things off with a bit of Vancouver food trivia, followed by a few rounds of delicious “would you rather” questions, covering everything from poké to dollar pizza (and a few donuts and hot dogs in between). You’ll find out if Bob or Lindsay enjoy marijuana edibles, and who has killed their own dinner.

In what is quite possibly the most exciting segment of the V.I.A. Podcast ever (at least for your dedicated hosts) we do a live taste test, pitting tacos from two of Vancouver’s most beloved restaurants, La Taqueria and Tacofino, head to head against each other in the ultimate face-off. Who emerges victorious? You’ll have to tune in.

The Taco Taste Test (Photo: Bob Kronbauer/Vancouver Is Awesome)

Lastly, thanks to all the listeners who’ve sent in requests for us to give our picks for the best of the city, we wrap up the V.I.A. Podcast Food-tacular by grilling each other on our favourites in a multitude of categories. Best craft brewery taproom grub, suburban eats worth the drive, plant-based food, underrated restaurants, and more are on the table. Plus a little food for thought on the notion of “Cheap Eats.”

Hopefully you’ll leave this one with an appetite to do some serious eating in and around Vancouver. (PS: Our Food & Drink section is also a good resource!)

As always, we hope you also leave us with ratings and reviews on your podcast platform of choice, hit the subscribe button, and tell a fellow Vancouverite, or Vancouver ex-pat, to check out the podcast. If you have any suggestions for what we should taste test next, or questions about our Vancouver favourites (or least favourites), send us some e-mail at contact@vancouverisawesome.com, or tweet us @viawesome.

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Lindsay is the Managing Editor of Vancouver Is Awesome, and the co-host and co-producer of the Vancouver Is Awesome Podcast. A fifth generation Vancouverite and life-long foodie, Lindsay also serves as a judge for the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards. Previously the Food Editor of Daily Hive, Senior Editor of Vancity Buzz, and Editor-in-Chief of LAist.com, in her past life in L.A. she earned an MA in English, attended culinary school, and was an English professor. Lindsay's first published piece was December 1980 in The Province; it was her letter to Santa. E-mail: lindsay@vancouverisawesome.com // Twitter/Instagram: @squashblossom