Yes, “Les Staff” is the real name of the guy who fired Tamara Taggart and Mike Killeen


Photo CTV

Earlier today we shared the story of veteran broadcasters Tamara Taggart and Mike Killeen being let go from their positions anchoring CTV News in Vancouver.

In the press release CTV sent out were a series of quotes by someone named “Les Staff” who wished the pair all the best in the future. It was noted that Les is the News Director for CTV News Vancouver.

It was pointed out by some of our readers, as well as some people on Twitter, that it would be a cruel joke for CTV to use the name of a fictional character when releasing a statement about cutting staff. Less staff, Les Staff?

However, some quick sleuthing turned up Mr Staff online. A real human being, listed on Linkedin and the CTV website amongst other places. Not a made up name for a fall guy who does not exist, but an unfortunate one for someone who sometimes has to be the bearer of bad news for employees.

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