Izakaya Gon’s: New Japanese restaurant opening on Denman


The era of the izakaya is not over in Vancouver, as a new one is poised to open up shop in the city’s bustling West End. Izakaya Gon’s  will be open later this spring at 854 Denman Street.

Occupying the space that was most recently the short-lived Yuzu, and previously the failed Toronto import Touhenboku Ramen, both the ventures of the same operator.

We’ve reached out to Izakaya Gon’s to find out if they are connected to the Yuzu/Touhenboku team, as well as what customers can expect from the Japanese restaurant.

Rendering (Izakaya Gon’s/Facebook)

“I want to spread Japanese ‘hospitality’ to the world through ‘food’!” writes the Izakaya Gon’s rep advertising for staff on Craigslist (via Google Translate). Currently the restaurant is seeking personnel to serve as chef, kitchen assistant, and servers.

Izakaya Gon’s/Facebook

A menu posted to Facebook includes everything from light snacks to deep fried eats, cold seafood selections, sashimi, and grilled meats, along with treats like shaved ice for dessert. As is the style of an izakaya, Gon’s dishes are reasonably priced and designed for sharing, particularly with drinks (the establishment is licensed).

UPDATE 4/16/18: A representative from the restaurant got in touch with us via e-mail to confirm that Izakaya Gon’s is a fresh new venture, straight from Japan. The parent company, Beaver Record, operates numerous hospitality ventures. They are aiming to be open mid-May, according to the rep.

Izakaya Gon’s will be located at 854 Denman Street, and is aiming to open in late spring.