Eagle with broken wing now in recovery facility after RCMP rescue


This young eagle was rescued Sunday by two RCMP officers on B.C.’s central coast. The bird was found with a broken wing and in distress along a creek before being scooped up by officers. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-RCMP

A pair of police officers on British Columbia’s central coast went beyond the call of duty to rescue a local constituent over the long weekend.

RCMP say constables Casey Charles and Marina Coan were called when someone spotted a juvenile eagle with a broken wing on the bank of a local creek.

Police say in a new release that the officers searched for the bird and saw it was unable to fly and in distress.

A call to a conservation officer, who in turn contacted the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, provided information on how to catch the eagle.

Police say Charles donned some chest waders, leather gloves and armed himself with the “eagle catching tools” of a leather jacket, fishing net and a dog kennel, before he waded in to safely catch the bird.

The eagle had a meal of fish and spent the night at the detachment before being flown to the society’s facility in Delta where it’s expected to be rehabilitated and returned to the wild.

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