V.I.A. Podcast Ep. 27: Ghost hunters from Vancouver Supernatural


This week on the V.I.A. Podcast we sit down with a pair of hobbyist paranormal sleuths from the group Vancouver Supernatural. Paul and Janine are two of nine in the self-assembled group of ghost hunting enthusiasts who offer their services–free of charge–to investigate (or debunk) spirits in local businesses and homes.

Janine and Paul from Vancouver Supernatural (Vancouver Is Awesome)

Paul and Janine brought not only stories from the field, but also some of the gear in their ghost hunting kits to show us a little bit about how they do what they do. We talk about some haunted places in the city, the logistics of working with paranormal investigators, and just how the couple came to this particular kind of hobby.

One of the tools used for tracking supernatural activity (Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome)

Hosts Bob Kronbauer and Lindsay William-Ross also talk about suburban cougars on the loose, garbage bears, and a possum problem that has Lindsay keeping a close eye on her home shower. And on the supernatural tip, we touch on the more sinister element included in our story about a 100-year-old murder inside the crazy Sumas Substation that’s now a private home for sale.

Plus, we talk about the nature of B.C. recurring seasonal campfire ban, as well as the New York Times’ love for Richmond, and Seth Rogen’s love for the Richmond Night Market (which the Times gives a big shout out to).

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