Moviemaker Guillermo del Toro finds “true treasures” in Vancouver bookstore


What do you do when you’re a filmmaker visiting Vancouver and you’ve got a bit of time to spare? Well, if you’re a book lover like Guillermo del Toro, you head to MacLeod’s Books on Pender, and you buy a box full of incredible volumes.

Del Toro shared his enthusiasm for the beloved Vancouver shop and his haul in two tweets Tuesday and Wednesday:

The imaginative movie maker, who has done anything from makeup to special effects to writing, directing, and producing in the biz, is such a serious collector, there’s even a book about his love for books (and other things he collects).

MacLeod’s is one of Vancouver’s “true treasures” itself, too. Immortalized as “the last great bookshop” MacLeod’s opened in 1964, and specializes in used and rare books. The shop was also immortalized in a Stan Douglas photograph that has hung in our own Vancouver Art Gallery.

It’s not clear what brought del Toro to Vancouver; he has several projects in the works, including three series he’s credited as creator for (3 Below, Wizards, and Carnival Row) and multiple films. It’s hard to imagine he has any free time at all, but we’re sure delighted he spent some of it shopping at MacLeod’s, and that he can spend more of it enjoying his “treasures.”

Want to follow in del Toro’s footsteps? MacLeod’s is located at 455 Pender Street in downtown Vancouver.

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