This amazing Coconut Ice Cream Float will be available for just one day

Bonus: The first 50 customers get theirs FREEEEEEEE!


To celebrate their second anniversary, the Yaletown liquid nitrogen ice cream shop Mister has come up with a very special treat they’ll have available for fans for one day only.
Their Coconut Ice Cream Float features coconut ice cream (available in a vegan version, too) served a top a fresh young coconut.
mister coconut ice cream float
Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome
Designed to eat like a float, once you get the physics in your favour, drop the ice cream into the coconut and spoon and sip this unique treat. The refreshing lightness of the water balances the mellow sweetness of the ice cream.
Mister created this coconut ice cream to roll out in place of the Coconut Black Ash Ice Cream they had on offer starting last summer. The shop still makes every batch of ice cream right there in the shop with liquid nitrogen, and uses real vanilla bean (with a global shortage and price hike, some places are switching gears and using imitation vanilla).
mister coconut ice cream float
The coconut (Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome)
The coconuts were custom ordered by a local market, and are, of course, in very limited availability. So on Saturday, June 16, starting at 1 pm, Mister will have this treat on sale for $8 a pop (with all the coconut meat to get out of that float, this is a long-lasting treat). Limit one per customer, too.
mister ice cream vancouver
Prepping the ice cream (Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome)
But as a way to say thanks to their fans for seeing them to the two-year mark and beyond, Mister will give away the first 50 Coconut Ice Cream Floats for absolutely free. Can’t beat that!
While you’re in line, grab some snaps of that awesome umbrella art installation right across the street. And happy 2nd anniversary, Mister!
mister coconut ice cream float
Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome
Mister is located at 1141 Mainland Street in Vancouver.
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