Every BCer should read this new book about the 2017 wildfire season


British Columbia Burning by Bethany Lindsay. Image c/o MacIntyre Purcell

Fans of the wildfire memoir Chasing Smoke which came out last year will want to pick up a copy of British Columbia Burning. Heck, even if you’ve never heard of the former title you should take a look at the latter.

The new book written by Bethany Lindsay takes readers into the 2017 wildfire season, “the worst wildfire season in B.C. history”.

Packed into 106 pages are what feel like short stories woven together, along with sidebars and photos. It provides an easily-digestible read that still manages to give an intimate look at the emergency and its consequences from a number of different angles.

Interviews with evacuees and other residents, First Nation leaders and folks from the BC Wildfire Service inform it.

Photo editor Kelly Sinoski compliments Lindsay’s copy with an almost unimaginable amount of images from a number of different photographers. As I turned each page I was boggled by the number of photos they got the rights to use.

The graphic design and layout could have used a few more revisions but overall I recommend everyone interested in what’s happening in this province should read it. It’s a fast and informative look at an event that many of us, our friends, and relations lived through.

You can buy British Columbia Burning direct from the publisher HERE, through Chapters HERE, or find it in any decent bookstore in Vancouver.

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