Meet the Corgi Beach Day costume and race contest winners


Organizers say the 2nd annual Corgi Beach Day was a huge success with over 150 corgis competing for prizes and having a great time at Spanish Banks.

“Unfortunately we did need to ask people without corgis not to come because we got too much attention for a small event with no permit,” says Kevin Lee, a member of Corgis of B.C., which organized the event.

Lee says they plan to get a permit from the city for next year’s Corgi Beach Day “so that everyone can enjoy the event not just corgi owners.”

The winner of the corgi race was a dog named Theo who received a prize pack from Earth Paws Pet Products. Follow Theo’s adventures on Instagram at sincerelytheo.

Photo of Theo. Credit Roberta Carubia on behalf of Earth Paws Pet Products

All dogs were invited to come dressed in their best outfit for a chance to win a monthly subscription to Paws Bento, which offers all-natural dog treats. The winner of the costume contest was a dog named Tako, who you can follow on Instagram at tako.corgi.

Tako the corgi dressed as a piece of salmon sushi Credit Roberta Carubia on behalf of Earth Paws Pet Products

Welsh corgis are small herding dogs that originated from Wales, U.K. and the favourite dog breed of Queen Elizabeth. Pembroke Welsh corgis often have a tail that is naturally bobbed or docked and are more popular than the Cardigan Welsh corgi.

If you missed Corgi Beach Day check out the wiener dog races at Hastings Racecourse on July 14 and 15.

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