This Abbotsford police officer netted two Beverly Hillbillies in one week


Last week Constable Mangat of the Abbotsford Police Department came back to Twitter after a few months away, to share a fairly ridiculous scene.

The below photo was posted to his account with the caption:

“Is there a problem officer?”
Me: Are you serious?
“I assure you it’s safe, I tied it down with an old garden hose”

Tied down with a garden hose, yep. Photo @CstMangat on Twitter

The photo was cross-posted to the AbbyPD’s Facebook Page, and you likely saw it get picked up by the local media.

A few days later Mangat was back again with an even more outrageous rig he came across in the valley.

The boat and trailer shown below were “Balanced on pallets, straps held together with duct tape, no brakes, homemade third axle. Just a few of the many things wrong here” according to the officer.

Photo @CstMangat on Twitter

He also tweeted some helpful advice that people of Abbotsford and beyond should heed: “Pallets are not a good way to balance a boat on a trailer held together with duct tape”.

Photo @CstMangat on Twitter

The driver netted $2,071 in fines and the vehicle, trailer and boat were towed away by something that wasn’t balanced on pallets.

As things continue to heat up in the valley you might want to follow the good constable Mangat at @CstMangat.

Photo Cst Mangat on Facebook