Online parks permit application system expands

Delta Optimist Staff


Applying for renewals, amendments and transfers of existing park-use permits for BC Parks just got easier, with the expansion of FrontCounter BC’s online permit application system.

Beginning July 30, electronic applications will replace paper application forms, which will no longer be available or accepted for processing by FrontCounter BC.

Park-use permits are different from permits that visitors need for backcountry camping or moorage in provincial parks.

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BC Parks issues park-use permits under the Park Act for restricted activities, such as commercial recreation services like guiding, concessions and rentals, film production, and research activities. Permits are also issued under the Ecological Reserve Act for research and educational activities in ecological reserves.

To improve service, the online permit application system was launched in November 2017, offering electronic applications for new park-use permits.

The same system is also in place for other natural resource authorizations in the province. While the application process is changing, applications will continue to require the same detailed information, and will be subject to the same review and decision processes.

FrontCounter BC provides a one-stop shop for licences, permits, registrations and other authorizations required to use B.C.’s natural resources. For more information about park-use permit applications call 1-877-855-3222, or visit:

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