This man proposed to his girlfriend in his local newspaper

New West Record


When Marco and Jamee wind down for the evening, they often sit and read the newspaper together.

But last week, something Jamee saw in the New West Record shocked her.

“Jamee will you marry me? Marco” read an advertisement on page 10.

Here’s the ad Marco placed in last week’s edition of the New Westminster Record.

She said yes.

“She was kind of in shock and awe, she couldn’t really believe it,” Marco, who asked to be referred to only by his first name, told the Record. “I had a ring underneath my pillow. I just quickly pulled it out and put it on her finger.”

Marco said he purchased the ad because he was looking for a creative way to catch her off-guard.

“She took forever reading some article … I almost thought she was going to not even actually make it to the end of the paper,” he said, laughing. “Just the last second it caught her eye.”

When asked why he decided to make a proposal in such a public way, and why he would not give his and his fiancée’s last names, he said publicity wasn’t something he was looking for. Buying an ad just seemed to be a good way to surprise her, and he wasn’t expecting or hoping for this newspaper to write a story about their proposal.

“It’s just really ironic that we did go like that because we’re such private people,” he said.

The newly engaged pair met eight months ago at a friend’s wedding, where they were set up by mutual friends.

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