VIDEO: This man shares his trick for growing the longest zucchinis

Burnaby Now


Franco Martorana claims to grow the longest zucchinis in Burnaby – and it’s hard to imagine he’s wrong.

The five-foot-plus long vegetables serve as the centrepiece to his lush garden brimming on each side of his driveway in North Burnaby.

So how do they get so big?


“I’ve got a trick,” he explains.

He manually pollinates the flowers to ensure a good harvest.

“You have to to kiss them,” he says.

The end result is a bounty of delicious zucchinis that can be served in soup, fried or boiled and topped with olive oil and black pepper – “Ahh, that’s the best,” he says.

Martorana also claims the vegetables have medicinal properties.

“It’s good to clean the system.”

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