2,900 people have committed to throwing rocks at the wildfire smoke hoping it goes away



A new event popped up on Facebook today that, as of the time of this writing, 2,900 people will be attending.

“Throw rocks at the smoke to make it go away” is scheduled to go from today until August 25th. No it’s not some cleverly named music festival, it’s a humorous attempt to make this damned wildfire smoke go away. Or at least provide a place to vent your frustrations about it.

Some are taking it literally, sharing videos on the Event Page of themselves chucking rocks into the air at the smoke wherever they are (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE).

The map for the event focuses on Spokane, Washington and encourages people to throw rocks “towards Canada”. However the organizers of this likely-to-become-annual event are saying you can participate in it “Pretty much anywhere there’s smoke”.

HERE is the event page if you want to express your interest, commit to throwing rocks at smoke, and having a place to share your thoughts on how the wildfire smoke is affecting your day-to-day.

h/t @peterjontheair

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