Here’s why thousands of people are dining with strangers this month in B.C.



Great things happen over shared food and conversation. We share stories, we share laughs and we learn more about what connects us and what brings us together as a community.

This September, you are invited to join others and share what’s on your mind.

On The Table is a series of breakfasts, lunches, dinner parties and casual get togethers hosted by volunteers that want to bring family, friends, colleagues and in some cases strangers together to discuss what’s most important to them.

Ultimately, these gatherings, aim to spark thought-provoking conversations between community members throughout B.C. The results of these conversations will be collected by the Vancouver Foundation and shared with the public, in order for us all to better understand what people care about most. This is your chance to share your opinion and truly be heard, not just the people around you, but throughout the entire province.

As an example, Roo Miller-Petit, Tasting Room Manager at Persephone Brewing, will host an  On The Table where attendees discuss the Sunshine Coast’s relationship to agriculture and current reliance on food from the mainland.

However, you don’t have to a be a business to host. Anyone can apply to be a host. It can be a casual at home dinner, a multi course meal at a venue or even just a picnic in the park. Right now there are close to 325  On The Table events expected to take place across B.C., with an estimated total attendance of close to 4,000 people.

On The Table is an initiative that brings together people across B.C. to make new connections, and talk about what matters most to them. Come together, share some food, make friends and get the conversation going.

To learn more and to sign up to host your own event, visit