VIDEO: Watch a whale’s tail bump a small boat


This video is a lesson in what not to do in B.C. waters–or any Canadian water–when whales are spotted.

In July, Fisheries and Oceans Canada implemented new regulations that require people and vessels to maintain a minimum distance of 100 metres from most whales, dolphins and porpoises to protect them from human disturbances.

A distance of 200 meters is required when approaching killer whales in B.C.

This video shows a humpback whale bumping into an inflatable tour boat off the coast of Nova Scotia. It is making waves online, just a few months after the introduction of new federal rules limiting the distance between vessels and marine mammals.


A passenger on the Zoadiac inflatable whale watching boat, posted the video from Sept. 2 showing the whale’s tail suddenly rising from the water and them slamming down onto the bow of the small boat.

– With files from the Canadian Press