Outdoors enthusiasts want you to keep your music to yourself on Grouse Grind

North Shore News


Your adrenaline may be up, but your volume ought to be down.

In a polite bid to assure trail etiquette is followed, Metro Vancouver recently installed a sign at the Grouse Grind advising hikers that amplified music is not allowed.

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The sign was erected after a number of backcountry enthusiasts queried Metro about the proper protocol regarding music, according to park operations supervisor Tom McComb.

“Over the last while we’ve seen this problem become more and more prevalent, mainly because of the increased affordability of speakers or people just using their smartphone speakers,” McComb said.

The problem of silence-seeking athletes being forced to endure blaring music is particularly acute on the Grouse Grind, according to McComb.

“We’re seeing more of it on the Grouse Grind because we see more urban fitness users as opposed to hikers on the trail.”

Early reaction to the sign has been positive, McComb said.

“Most of them will turn off the tunes and use their headphones once they’re asked,” he said, explaining Metro is opting for an educational approach as opposed to “hard enforcement” like fines.

More signs are set to be installed in the near future.