Canadians should think twice before bringing weed on a plane


Photo: flying over the clouds / Shutterstock

Once cannabis becomes legal in Canada on October 17th, travellers will be able to take a small amount of the plant with them on domestic flights.

With that being said, flyers should be aware that they may only bring the allowable limit with them on Canadian flights. Specifically, residents may bring up to 30 grams of marijuana with them when they fly.

In addition, travellers should also ensure that they don’t have any of the plant with them when they travel to the United States. While cannabis will be legal in Canada by the end of October, the penalty is still illegal in a number of states. Furthermore, it remains illegal under U.S. federal laws in any form and quantity.

Cannabis and International Travel

Transporting the plant, even to places where it is legal, is still considered an illegal act. Likewise, transporting cannabis, even when used for medical purposes, is illegal.

It is also illegal to bring cannabis into Canada. If you do have cannabis or products containing cannabis with you when you enter Canada, you must declare them to the Canada Border Services Agency.

If you do not declare cannabis products when you enter Canada, you can face enforcement action, including arrest and prosecution.