Whistler Blackcomb already looks like a winter wonderland (PHOTOS)


Photo: Whistler Blackcomb

While it is only the start of October, Whistler Blackcomb is already looking like a sparkling winter wonderland.

The alpine resort tweeted about its latest snowfall on Wednesday, October 3rd, stating that the first snowfall of the season came before they’d even picked their Halloween costumes.

What’s more, the tweet included a recent image of the chairlift, and it practically disappears in the snowfall.

Whistler Blackcomb Snowfall

The Village has decidedly less snow than the peak. With that being said, there is evidence of snowfall in some areas.

The resort also tweeted an image of the Peak in mid-September that depicted a great deal of snowfall around the large, stone Inukshuk.

Photo: Whistler Blackcomb

Right now, the season is set to open on November 22nd, but the resort will change it if conditions are favourable.