Outing the formerly anonymous author of the satire website The Vancouver Glass


Kevin Getz is The Vancouver Glass. Photo Bob Kronbauer

The author of the Vancouver satire website The Vancouver Glass is no longer anonymous!

The person behind the site is Kevin Getz and you may remember him from the years he spent as a radio personality on Virgin 94.5FM. You also likely remember one of his greatest hits about how Vancouver parking meters now accept tips.

This image made the rounds detached from the original article, leading people to believe it to be real

In a post to Linkedin this morning Getz wrote that “Today I want to be a little less anonymous”, then shared a 90 second sizzle reel about the site.

The reel below shows off what he’s done with The Vancouver Glass so far, as well as sharing some of the buzz he got in the local press and on social media.

In May of this year he let us interview him on the condition that he remain anonymous. We talked about the website, what inspired it, and his thoughts on the media. You can listen to that podcast below, or on iTunes.