Go on this epic cannabis-infused helicopter expedition in the B.C. mountains


How high can you get? 

Butiq Escapes has the answer, and it is the highest of highs.

While that may seem like a vague answer, this BC boutique company offers a spectacular, cannabis-infused glamping experience. 

And while guests may be getting high at their destination, they’ll also soar to great heights in a helicopter. As such, they will actually be super high in a couple of ways, if not more!

Responsible for awesome holiday experiences like alien hunting in the mountains, Butiq Escapes promises an unforgettable experience every time. With that being said, this experience may be a little more hazy.

Boutiq Escapes
Photo: Boutiq Escapes

Butiq Escapes

The company plans to take its guests from Victoria B.C. by helicopter where they’re whisked off to a secret mountaintop location for the day. What’s more, they’ll get to enjoy a hand selected goodie bag full of the finest marijuana strains and products made in the province to enjoy.  They’ll also get pre-rolled joints, vaporize pens and each guest will get their own high end glass bong to take home with them to remember the experience.

The company will also bring a BBQ, plenty of snacks, paddleboards and hammocks.

While they are taking the first group out on October 17th for legalization, they plan to continue next year in the Spring/Summer/Fall when it’s warm enough.

If guests want, they can also request additional lifts in and they will bring a DJ, yoga instructor or hiking guide

In addition, the may opt to stay overnight and tents and camping gear will be setup and waiting for them when they arrive.

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