Vancouver forecast calls for temperatures to reach 21°C this week


Vancouver weather
Photo: Vancouver seawall autumn leaves

While the Vancouver weather forecast predicted sunshine for the next two weeks, temperatures are expected to be much warmer than previously thought.

Last week, Environment Canada called for warm temperatures of up to 17°C by Wednesday. However, as of Monday, October 15th, temperatures are expected to reach 15°C and up to a toasty 20°C inland.

What’s more, the forecast calls for temperatures to reach 16°C on Tuesday, as well as inland temperatures of up to 21°C.

Of course, the nights will cool off substantially, with temperatures reaching lows of 6°C.

Vancouver Weather Forecast

Vancouver Weather
Photo: Environment Canada

The forecast is still calling for sun for the rest of the week, but things are expected to get wetter next week. In fact, the Weather Network calls for sunshine next Monday, but rain the next day.

Further, the long-term forecast calls for rain on almost every day for the rest of that week. As such, outdoor activities should be planned for this week.