As seen on Reddit: Vancouver store’s chip shelves appear raided after cannabis became legal


Cannabis just became legal yesterday, and Vancouverites were ready. With that being said, not every store may have been prepared for legalization.

A Reddit user captured an image of what they report is an aisle at the Grandview Superstore in Vancouver, and the shelves seem rather sparse.

The photo shows extremely barren shelves, and places where some classic chip brands have only a few bags left. For example, the top shelf has only two bags of Doritos left, and other flavours seem to be completely sold out.

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grandview superstore
Photo: phoboy604 / reddit

In addition, the user exclaims that the, “Grandview Superstore was NOT ready for legalization.”

While this could be a mere coincidence, it seems rather suspect that all of the salty snacks are missing from the shelves.

Of course, the store likely restocked the shelves upon discovering them empty, but they may not have anticipated the enthusiastic response of cannabis aficionados.