Chinatown Transformation Team aims to sustain the neighbourhood’s living heritage


The City of Vancouver’s Chinatown Transformation Team is holding a meet and greet in the community this weekend.

Formed last month, the team’s mandate includes working with the community to create a plan and implementing initiatives that focus on living heritage and culture in Chinatown. The group is working toward a new plan for the neighbourhood with a focus on supporting the community to sustain its legacy for future generations.

The City of Vancouver’s Chinatown Transformation Team will work with the community to create a plan aimed at preserving the living heritage and culture in Chinatown. Photo Dan Toulgoet

The team is planning a meet and greet for the community on Saturday, Oct. 27 at Chinatown House (188 East Pender St.) from 2 to 5 p.m.

The team’s main areas of interest include — tangible and intangible living heritage and culture, business and economic development, intergenerational relationships and community capacity building, and relationships with communities around Chinatown.

“Keeping Chinatown’s living heritage alive and vibrant maintains the neighbourhood’s authenticity, promotes cultural diversity in our city, supports economic development, and advances reconciliation by honouring the legacy of the community,” states a City of Vancouver press release.

The team will work with the community to identify priority projects, actions, partners and resources to create a new cultural heritage assets management plan for Chinatown. The plan is a key component of the overall process for a possible application for a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation for Chinatown.

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