You can rent eccentric, incredible musical instruments at the Vancouver Public Library


vancouver public library
Photo: Violin, bow and old books on a rustic wooden table, arts and music concept / Shutterstock

You may typically visit the library in order to find your latest literary fix; however, the Vancouver Public Library is home to an impressive collection of musical instruments.

In order to rent one, all you need is a valid library card. The Sun Life Financial Musical Instrument Lending Library is located at the Central Library, and you just need to ask staff to help you pick your musical poison.

In fact, you can rent an acoustic bass guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, bongo, cajon, djembe, doumbek, electric guitar and amplifier, keyboard and digital piano, mandolin, ukulele, violin, and even a xylophone.

And it isn’t like they only have one of each, either. For instance, there are four different sizes of violins available for rent.

Not only is the library stocked with an impressive selection of instruments, but it also has all the tools you need to become the next Jimi Hendrix (besides the natural talent). They offer a wide assortment of books, DVDs, and magazines that will help you learn how to play.

In addition, they provide a number of online tutorials and useful websites to help you along the way.

While you are there you may want to check out the library’s breathtaking new rooftop. The VPL stated that the top floors may be available for rent, and that the rooftop could be a prime place for evening weddings. It could also provide a breathtaking location for a film set, or the perfect place for a lavish gala.

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