Dramatic dashcam footage shows wild police takedown at intersection (VIDEO)


police takedown
Photo: xSupaD / YouTube

A video has appeared on YouTube that shows a dramatic chase between Vancouver Police officers, their canine unit, and a fleeing suspect.

Posted to YouTube on Monday, November 5, the video shows dashcam footage from a vehicle stopped at the intersection on Southwest Marine Drive and Granville Street.

The video captures an incident that took place on October 30 at approximately 5:30 PM, while officers were attempting to arrest three suspects in connection with a pair of burglaries.

From the dashcam’s perspective, the police chase the suspect across the street and he runs back out into traffic and is hit by a vehicle. Following this, he runs across the median toward another vehicle and is bitten by the canine unit. Afterwards, a number of officers jump onto the suspect.

Police Takedown Video

Police arrested two suspects prior to deploying the canine unit, however, they released it when the third suspect fled. Unfortunately, the canine unit accidentally bit a 75-year-old, innocent bystander who was then taken to hospital. Following this, VPD deployed a second canine unit that successfully aided in the arrest of the third suspect.

With files from the Vancouver Courier.