Le Tigre Truck pops up with ‘temporary parking’ inside Torafuku for lunch


When you run a successful restaurant and food truck, and your truck breaks down, what else is there to do but put your restaurant to work as a temporary lunch spot serving up your food truck eats. That’s exactly what’s happening right now as the Le Tigre food truck is using their sibling brick-and-mortar restaurant Torafuku as a “temporary parking” spot for a fun lunchtime pop-up.

Pork Belly Rice Bowl, Crack Salad, Finger Lickin Chicken, Big Bang Beans (Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome)

Torafuku isn’t typically open for lunch, so the restaurant offers the Le Tigre crew a creative solution to their problem.

“We had to find a sustainable solution fast in order to keep our staff working,” explains Clement Chan, chef and co-owner of Torafuku and Le Tigre. “We have a great team and a loyal clientele, we want everyone to be well taken care of.”

Fans of the long-running Le Tigre will be delighted to know they can find their favourite eats, like the truck’s signature Kickass Rice, Crack Salad, and Finger Lickin’ Chicken, all available at Torafuku from 11:30 am to 4 pm Tuesday through Friday. Orders from Le Tigre through portals Foodee, Foodora and DoorDash are available as well.

Finger Lickin Chicken (Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome)

Much like when you step up to the truck window to order your Le Tigre grub, you’ll head to the counter inside Torafuku to place your order for their rice bowls and share-able dishes (along with bevs and beer–yep, you can cool the heat from the kick of their eats with a brew, a nice bonus you don’t get on the truck). Grab a seat and listen for your name to be called, then dig in and enjoy.

Pork Belly Rice Bowl (Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome)

Sadly, the Le Tigre crew don’t have a date for when the truck will be back on its wheels, but this “temporary parking” is a great way to keep their motor running. Chan estimates they’ll be offering the Le Tigre lunch at Torafuku for the next several months, since their truck isn’t able to get a quick fix.

Torafuku is located at 958 Main Street in Vancouver. Le Tigre’s lunch menu is served Tue.-Friday from 11:30 am to 4pm. 

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