Vancouver has some of the most average taxi fares in the world, report finds


CEO World Magazine has just released a list of the “The World’s Most (And Least) Expensive Cities For Taxis,” and Vancouver was listed right in the middle.

The comprehensive report includes 114 cities from around the world, starting with the world’s most affordable. From there, the ranking includes the starting fee as well as the amount incurred after one kilometre.

Taxi fares
Cliffano Subagio / Flickr

Tehran, Iran is the cheapest place to embark on a taxi journey, with a modest starting fee of only 28 cents. Following this, a one kilometre fare is only 27 cents. Similarly, Mumbai, India has a low staring fee of 31 cents and a one kilometre charge of 29 cents.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, things get rather costly. For example, Valletta, Malta has a staggering starting fee of $17.08 – yikes! Following this, though, the one kilometre charge is only $2.09. Likewise, Oslo, Norway has a steep starting fee of $10.54 followed by a $1.63 one kilometre charge.

As for Vancouver, the starting fee is listed as $2.64 with a one kilometre charge of $1.42, which put it in the 48th spot. So, as far as taxi fares are concerned, it is has some of the most average.

Ride hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft will be allowed in British Columbia by fall of 2019 after the provincial government introduced long-awaited legislation to modernize B.C.’s taxi industry. However, it’s still unclear when the first ride-hailing vehicles will hit the road.