Text an erotic eggplant or a provocative peach for a good cause this holiday season


The Greater Vancouver Food Bank just launched Canada’s first “emoji to donate” campaign.

What’s more, the charity is using two of the world’s sexiest produce emojis in order to raise awareness.

If you’ve ever had a giggle gazing at the eggplant emoji, or a blush when using the peach, then you know exactly why the food bank thought these would be fun choices.

Now, the organization hopes that the campaign will increase donations throughout the year, but particularly over the holidays.

vancouver food bank
Greater Vancouver Food Bank

The GVFB is working along with the Mobile Giving Foundation and Rethink Canada to develop the project. When you text an eggplant emoji to 30333 you’ll donate $5. Similarly, texting a peach emoji to the same number will donate $10.

With this in mind, the feature only works for Canadian mobile providers and donations will be added to mobile phone bills.

“For every $1 you donate, we can purchase almost $3 of fresh, high quality food and produce for our members and agency partners,” says Cynthia Kinsella, Chief Development Officer of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

“So using the power of mobile to make it easier for people to donate a small gift of $5 or $10 can really go a long way.”

If you want to donate food items, please visit the online list to see what the Food Bank is in need of most.