New podcast explores unsolved 1965 bombing that killed 52 people on board a flight from Vancouver


It’s one of Canada’s biggest mysteries in aviation history, and one of the biggest mass killings in the country’s history. On July 8, 1965, Canadian Pacific Flight 21 crashed outside of 100 Mile House, B.C., after departing Vancouver bound for Whitehorse.

Examining the wreckage of Flight 21 (Transport Canada)

All 46 passengers and six crew members were killed.

Their cause of death: There was a bomb on board. Who left the bomb remains unknown, over 50 years later.

CP Flight 21 is the subject of the second season of CBC’s Uncover podcast. “Bomb on Board” is hosted by CBC’s Ian Hanomansing and Johanna Wagstaffe. Following in the investigative footsteps of Uncover’s debut season–which probed the bizarre world of the cult-ish self-help pyramid scheme of NXIVM (we had host Josh Bloch on the V.I.A. Podcast)–“Bomb on Board” takes a fresh look at the investigation, and applies new tools, interviews, and more to any and all info available about the deadly flight.


During the initial investigation, the RCMP determined the explosion was created by a bomb stashed in the lavatory. But who left it there? They isolated four passengers as suspects, but have never reached a conclusion as to who the perpetrator was.

This uncanny cold case is a fascinating and dark slice of Canada’s–and B.C.’s–history. You can find Uncover: Bomb on Board via CBC or on several podcasting platforms.

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