These are the most dazzling places to see the Northern Lights in B.C.


northern lights
The ghostly colors of the aurora borealis captured above an unidentified person standing on a frozen lake in northern Canada / Shutterstock

There are many breathtaking places to view the northern lights in B.C., but many residents never visit them. In fact, a great deal of people are under the impression that you have to travel extremely far away to view them.

Of course, there are some places, such as Whitehorse in the Yukon, that offer a spectacular viewing experience. What’s more, a flight from Vancouver to Whitehorse is only about two hours long and costs roughly $350 CAD total with tax included direct with Air North. As such, it isn’t a great distance to travel to soak in this mesmerizing astral display.

With that in mind, there are a number of places that you’ll be able to view the lights without leaving the province.

Northern Lights in B.C.

Muncho Lake Provincial Park

This breathtaking place draws people from across the globe to view the colourful display. In addition, the lake itself is decidedly spectacular, and offers breathtaking vistas across the water. With that being said, it isn’t far from the Yukon border, and therefore it will likely involve a flight or a lengthy road-trip to get to. Nevertheless, it will be well worth the journey.

Dawson Creek

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Located in the Peace River Country in the northeast corner of British Columbia, Dawson Creek offers spellbinding views of the heavenly pigments. What’s more, it is located at the beginning of the Alaska Highway, and offers a chance to visit the historic Railway Station Museum. It is still quite a drive from the City of Vancouver, but makes an exciting getaway from the city.

Liard Hot Springs

Want to soak in the glory of Aurora Borealis but don’t want to breeze your behind off? The Liard Hot Springs offer a relaxing escape under wintry skies. Furthermore, some people say that the dazzling display may be seen for hours in this natural oasis. So, if you are looking for a revitalizing and awe-inspiring getaway all in one – this is it!


northern lights b.c.
Northern Lights over North Vancouver. Shutterstock

While some people think it is impossible to view the lights in Metro Vancouver, it is possible to view them in a number of places. Of course, a few factors determine whether they will be visible, such as the fullness of the moon and the clarity of the sky, but when conditions are favourable the lights look spellbinding. In order to see them at their most dazzling, however, visitors should opt to avoid the city lights as much as possible.

Alternatively, Porteau Cove Provincial Park, located in Squamish off the Sea to Sky highway, offers much greater potential for witnessing the jewel-toned sky dance. This is because it is farther away from the city’s light pollution and provides the perfect stage for sky magic.