Here comes the sun: Vancouver forecast calls for bright sunshine all weekend


vancouver weather
Vancouver skyline at sunset as seen from Stanley Park / Shutterstock

The Vancouver weather forecast has included a great deal of rain lately. However, the forecast calls for a sunny change of pace this weekend.

Starting on Friday, January 11, the forecast is mainly cloudy, but there may be some sunny breaks. Following this, Saturday is a mix of sun and cloud with a high of nine degrees. With that in mind, the clear skies make for colder nights, as the temperature plummets to one degree.

Sunday’s forecast calls for bright sunshine and a high of seven degrees. The temperature falls below freezing overnight, but the skies remain clear. Monday and Tuesday are bright and sunny with a high of five degrees.

Sadly, the forecast calls for a high chance of rain on Wednesday and Thursday.

Vancouver Weather Forecast

Vancouver weather
Environment Canada

Last month, Tuesday, December 11th was the wettest December 11 on record since the the weather records began at Vancouver International Airport in 1937. There was a rain total of 37.8 mm, which caused localized flooding in low-lying areas. A number of Twitter users shared images of the heavy flooding, and some of them show cars that are flooded well over the top of their tires.

Following this, Thursday, December 13 also set a record for the wettest December 13 since the records began in 1937. In addition, it saw even more rainfall than Tuesday, with a 10 am rain total of 45.8 mm. More images and videos of flooding were shared on Twitter, and there was a disruption on the SkyTrain.