Vancouver ranks 4th in the world for interest in veganism, report finds


healthy chickpea and veggies salad / Shutterstock

Have you ever felt like Vancouver had an above average number of vegans living in the city? According to a recent report, you are likely on to something.

A website called Chef’s Pencil compared the popularity of veganism across the world by comparing Google data trends, and Vancouver scored high on the list.

In fact, Vancouver ranked fourth on a list of the top 20 most popular cities in the world that search for information about the diet. In addition, Canada ranked fifth on a list of the top ten countries that are interested in veganism.

Top Ten Countries

  1. Australia
  2. United Kingdom
  3. New Zealand
  4. Sweden
  5. Canada
  6. Israel
  7. United States
  8. Ireland
  9. Austria
  10. Germany

Top 20 Cities

  1. Bristol
  2. Portland
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Vancouver
  5. Seattle
  6. Manchester
  7. London
  8. Leeds
  9. Los Angeles
  10. Glasgow
  11. Melbourne
  12. Adelaide
  13. San Diego
  14. Gothenburg
  15. Stockholm
  16. Berlin
  17. San Fransisco
  18. Austin
  19. Amsterdam
  20. Brisbane

The site notes that Google, “assigns a score for each location (broken down by country and city) that shows the interest level of a given topic by comparing searches made for that topic to all Google searches made in that particular location.”

As such, the ratings reflect a percentage of the population rather than a figure in absolute terms. What’s more, the article mentions that the popularity of vegan-related searches is on the rise across the world. Specifically, it notes that the searches are 11 per cent higher than they were in 2017 and 35 per cent compared to 2016. Also, these searches comprise all vegan-related searches made in any language.