Crows hanging out inside YVR Airport are crapping on the artwork

Richmond News


If you see fine art pieces wrapped up in plastic at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR), don’t worry they are not damaged – but simply being protected from crow poop.

The Richmond News reported last summer about a crow who was trapped in YVR for months and who was seen flying through different terminals.

Now it appears more than one crow have winged it into the building, pooping on the artworks as they glide across the terminals.

“This piece of art has recently become the chosen roost for a different type of aviator – a crow who has made its way to the Domestic Departure area,” said a billboard next to a large aboriginal sculpture called Freedom to Move.

“The crow is welcome to enjoy the space during its visit, but its excrement can cause damage to our beautiful artwork, which is why here we employed this protection wrap.”

YVR staff told the News that they will take off the protective wrap on the art piece “once the bird departs the area.”

Meanwhile, the airport has asked people not to feed birds in the terminals, adding that its wildlife services team will provide food for the purposes of catching and releasing the birds.

People have been snapping the crows in YVR terminals and sharing their pictures on social media.

To answer inquiries, a website page has been launched by the airport to provide information about terminal birds including Q & A sessions.

“Occasionally birds make their way into the airport terminal…The birds typically find their way out on their own, however, some opt to stay,” said the website.

The airport said it has a wildlife management program and a team of wildlife biologists to assess and monitor the birds.

“The team keeps a watch on the birds and will safely remove them as needed.”

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