Despite warnings, you CAN take pineapples on public transit in Vancouver


Remember the recent rash of terrible “pineapple on public transit” incidents in Vancouver?


Yeah, we don’t either. Which is why this sticker that’s shown up on a TransLink bus is for sure someone’s idea of a prank.

“Due to recent incidences Pineapples are no longer allowed on Translink Property,” warns the typed sticker with the TransLink logo.

This particular sticker was spotted Wednesday on a 601 bus, affixed to the side of the luggage shelf.

pineapples sticker translink vancouver
Photo by Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome

There are a couple of hints on the sticker that this isn’t to be taken seriously: the prankster misused “incidences” for “incidents,” and also neglected to format “Translink” properly – it’s TransLink, with the “l” capitalized.

For the sake of due diligence, we checked with TransLink to make sure pineapples had not been placed on a public transit “do not carry” list.

Not surprisingly, TransLink confirmed this was a joke.

“[T]his is definitely fake,” says TransLink via e-mail to Vancouver Is Awesome.

Phew. For all Metro Vancouverites who may be assembling a Carmen Miranda costume, craving a nice fruit salad, or who like their express bus to be a true Pineapple Express, rest assured you CAN take pineapples with you on TransLink.

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