This daredevil plan promises a soaring motorcycle ‘White Rock Pier Jump’


White Rock Pier Jump
beekebailey / Instagram

While there are no definitive dates nailed down yet, the White Rock Pier Jump message is clear: we must rebuild.

In December, powerful winds cut the White Rock pier in half during a massive storm. What’s more, a person was stranded on one side of the pier, and crews were sent in to rescue him.

Now, a group formed by Brooke Colby, a local promoter, wants to do something a bit unusual at the reopening ceremony for the iconic walkway – they want to simulate a motorcycle jumping over the pier.

Vancouver Is Awesome spoke to Brooke Colby, Brooke Colby Productions, who explained the logic behind the oceanside stunt.

“I’ve see 14 to 16 restaurants on the beach go broke from trying to make enough money to stay in business. Having a big, incredible show like this would stimulate interest in the area,” he pointed out.

“Not only that, but I’ve got a guy that could do the jump that is just incredible. His name is Cole Freeman. He looks like Clint Eastwood and John Wayne mixed together – he’s got a real ‘star presence’ about him.”

As Colby describes, Freeman is part of the Robbie Knievel team. The group is famous for their death-defying, soaring stunts, but they won’t be able to jump the broken pier.

“I may have jumped the gun a little bit before meeting with council,” admits Colby. “I really want to work alongside them to make this work. We realize it would be unsafe to jump the broken area. Instead, we can jump to the side and make it look like we are doing that. They do similar things in Las Vegas.”

If the gig is successful, and the jump goes to plan, Colby’s one request is that a plaque be placed on the pier in honour of his parents. While they hope to do it in September, it is unknown exactly if they will be permitted to move forward right now.