27 horses rescued from Lower Mainland property in terrible condition


animal cruelty investigation

The BC SPCA is seeking homes and care for 27 horses that were seized during an animal cruelty investigation case last month.

The horses were in terrible condition when they were rescued on December 15, 2018 from a Langley property. Not only did they live in unsanitary and muddy pastures and paddocks, but hazardous objects were also strewn about their living quarters.

Furthermore, the equines had a number of health issues, such as:

  • lack of nutrition
  • lice infestation
  • overgrown hooves
  • rainscald from inadequate shelter
  • lack of access to water.

Over the past six weeks, the BC SPCA has worked with volunteers to provide emergency care and attention to the rescue horses. Now, the organization has full ownership of the animals and wants to provide loving homes for horses that are ready for adoption.

“These horses have been through a lot,” says Const. Eileen Drever. “Some have emotional and physical scars that will take time to heal.”

Drever explains how the equines each earned a special place in the hearts of their caretakers.

“One of the oldest horses rescued, Thor, has been through so much and yet he is such a sweet, gentle boy,” says Drever, noting that he has now been adopted by a loving new owner. “It is so wonderful to see these beautiful animals overcoming their challenges and getting better each day.”

As a result of the poor conditions and the lack of proper medical attention, the horses require extensive rehabilitation. What’s more, the BC SPCA notes that, up to date, the cost for the intake of the horses and their medical treatment exceeds $30,000.

The BC SPCA investigation into the case continues.

If you can help, please donate today.  For adoption information, please contact (604) 574-1171.