Heavy rainfall warning issued for Metro Vancouver tonight, flooding possible


vancouver weather
Heavy rain/Shutterstock

The Metro Vancouver weather forecast calls for a chance of snowfall on Sunday night, but it calls for a great deal of rainfall before the weekend.

In fact, Environment Canada issued a rainfall warning for parts of the region on Thursday, January 31.

The public alert was issued for the North Shore including West Vancouver and North Vancouver, and calls for rain, which is at times heavy.

The forecast notes that a moist Pacific frontal system is quickly approaching the south coast that will bring heavy rain early this evening over the south coast.

What’s more, it adds that the rainfall rates will be enhanced over northern Metro Vancouver regions, especially on the North Shore.

In fact, over the course of 24 hours, the region is expected to receive up to 50 mm of rain of rainfall.

The heavier rain is expected to ease by early evening on Friday, but localized flooding in low-lying areas is possible before then.

If visibility is reduced while driving, turn on your lights and maintain a safe following distance.