Mexico Sale: You can fly direct from Vancouver for only $158 CAD


Promenade of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico / Shutterstock

While Vancouver has seen a very mild winter overall, the short-term forecast calls for some frigid temperatures as well as the possibility of snow.

If you’re dreaming of a sunny escape but don’t have the big bucks needed to fly to Tahiti, then WestJet’s discount carrier, Swoop, has you covered with this sweet deal to Mexico.

The flight departs Vancouver on Monday, February 25 from Abbotsford and flies direct to Puerto Vallarta. The total non-stop flight time four hours and 42 minutes.

The total cost of the flight including all taxes and fees comes to $158.60 CAD. In addition, there are a number of return fares that cost the same amount, so two direct flights would cost around $300 CAD including tax and there is flexibility in dates.

With that being said, if you wait to book your flight the price will increase. Flight prices are based on availability, and therefore the price will go up as the lowest booking classes are bought up.


Discover Mexico

World-famous tequila, delectable Mexican cuisine, beautiful beaches, and beaming sunshine are just a few of the reasons why people visit Puerto Vallarta. And, while it can be fun just to kick and back and relax at a resort, this beautiful city is a great place to stay in. What’s more, there are a number of ancient ruins nearby that are fascinating to explore.

Note: While the low-cost carrier is an extremely affordable alternative, it is worthwhile to note that there are a number of additional costs. For one, luggage will cost extra, as will selecting your own seat or even speaking to an operator. As such, it is worthwhile to factor in what you need to bring, or if you want to sit in a particular spot.

You can book your flight here.