The biggest dog meet up in Vancouver takes place next month (Photos)


Biggest dog meet-up vancouver
Photo: Dogs Of Vancity‎ / Facebook

Who let the dogs out?

Vancouver’s biggest dog meet-up of the year takes place next month and promises to delight canine aficionados from far and wide.

The annual meet-up takes place on March 10 at the Trout Lake Farmers Market and invites participants to, “bring your dogs, and your neighbours and invite your friends.”

Hosted by Dogs of Vancity, the event starts at noon and runs until 3 pm. So far, over 3,000 people have shown interest in the event on Facebook. What’s more, 537 people have replied that they will attend the event.

With this in mind, the organizer wants to underscore that, “This is just a happening, there won’t be any vendors, free samples given out or any booths set up. Please don’t come there to advertise and just enjoy what it is.”

Further, they specify that the meet-up isn’t just for large dogs – it is meant to include furry friends of all sizes. They also note that you don’t need a pooch to participate.

Biggest Dog Meet-Up Vancouver

When: Sunday, March 10 from 12 pm – 3 pm
Where: Trout Lake Farmers Market – 2100 East 13th Ave, Vancouver