This spellbinding meditation experience at the Planetarium offers 360 degree visuals


meditation experience
A spectacular full-dome digital projection at the planetarium / Shutterstock

The H.R. Macmillan Space Centre is hosting an epic meditation experience in the planetarium this month.

The immersive show is designed to transport guests into a profound multi-sensory meditation. What’s more,  Rameen Peyrow, an acclaimed yoga and meditation teacher, will guide the experience. 

Not only will the experience include stunning 360 degree visuals, but it will also feature original music designed by media artists and scholars, Amir Aziz and Dr. Mark Nazemi.

The 45 minute audio-visual journey takes you through the inner space of the body, breath and mind, and takes the concept of closed-eye seated mediation to a new frontier. What’s more, the experience uses over a decade of research and study of meditation and immersive media. 

In addition, guests are encouraged to have an “active absorptive experience” – they allow ambient visualizations to gently hold their gaze as the surround soundscape washes over their being.

And, of course, guests may recline in comfort beneath the dome theatre as they journey into the depths of their inner space.

Meditation Experience

When: Thursday, February 28 at 6:30 pm or 8 pm
Where: H.R. Macmillan Space Centre – 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver
Cost: $30, $40, $50