10 Valentine’s Day gifts that will have your lover smiling until their face hurts


valentine's day gifts
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While there’s no “one-size-fits-all” recipe for buying a Valentine’s Day gift, there are a few selections that are fairly safe bets.

Have a look at some great selections to pick up for your honey in Metro Vancouver this year.


A beautiful bouquet has the ability to melt your lover’s heart, or at least have them grinning from ear to ear. So, if you are looking to show someone just how magnificent you think they are, pick up a colourful arrangement or a few long-stem roses and a thoughtful card.


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From Pulpfiction Books to Canterbury Tales on Commerical Drive, MacLeod’s Books on Pender to Tanglewood Books on Broadway, there are countless places to pick up the perfect paperback. You can go in with something in mind, but it isn’t hard to simply stroll through these local gems and find something awesome that will make your sweetie smile.


While chocolate is extremely delicious, it can also be aesthetically pleasing. In fact, many of Vancouver’s own chocolatiers fashion positively stunning creations in a variety of shapes, sizes, and creations. Also, there’s nothing like the classic chocolates and flowers combo to sweep someone off their feet, too.


valentine's day gifts
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While the jury is still out as to whether this gift is really for the gift-giver or the receiver, one thing is certain: beautiful lingerie is an expert way to turn up the romance. From lacy bodysuits to delicate silk slips to thigh-high stockings, there is a sensual style to suit every fancy.

Spa Treatment

Let’s face it: everyone is stressed. With that in mind, one of the most thoughtful things that you can do for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day is treat them to a relaxing spa treatment. You can buy a massage, facial, deprivation tank float, pedicure or simply opt to go with them and pick up the tab.


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Not everyone loves a stiff drink, but people who love whisky really love whisky. In fact, a recent bottle of The Balvenie Fifty: Marriage 0962 debuted at a Vancouver liquor store for $75,000. Of course, that is an astronomical amount of money to the average person, but there are a litany of palette-pleasing concoctions at more reasonable prices around the city. Bottoms up!


If you really want to wow someone on the big day, a beautiful necklace, bracelet, watch, or earrings will definitely do the trick. There are a number of high-end jewellers in the city, but there are also many retailers that fashion lovely pieces for a fraction of the price.


valentine's day gifts
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In the digital age it is possible to have countless images of you and your sweetie, but how many hardcopies do you have? If the answer is zero, or close to none, then creating a photo album, or framing a couple of special snaps, offers a great way to show your love.


valentine's day gifts
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While lingerie is a feast for the eyes, a tantalizing fragrance activates your sense of smell. As a result, a beautiful perfume or cologne that you and your partner enjoy is sure to set the mood.


There are a number of great things that you can buy your honey, but an experience allows you to create memories together. What’s more, there are a number of places that aren’t far away. For example, the Oak Bay Resort and Spa is located in Victoria on Vancouver Island and offers sweeping, majestic views of the water from its suites and baths.