This awesome Vancouver teen skied to school today (Video)


jasonteetaert / Instagram

While many Vancouverites begrudgingly faced the wintry weather this morning, one local teen rejoiced.

Thirteen-year-old Cole Teetaert has been skiing since he was eight, and heads up to Whistler nearly every weekend. He’s dreamed of waking up to fresh powder and skiing to school for nearly two years, but every time he thinks it will happen, he wakes up to slushy streets of disappointment.

That is, of course, until today.

As the rest of the city scowled, Cole smiled. Monday, February 11 was the first time he was able to break out his skis and fulfill his frosty ambition.

Vancouver Is Awesome spoke to Cole’s dad, Jason Teetaert, who described his son’s elation.

“Cole has been waiting for this day for so long. As I noted in the post, he was worried that it wouldn’t happen – he went to sleep last night concerned.” he explained.

“But when he woke up today the conditions were perfect. In fact, conditions in Vancouver were better than they were in Whistler. The snow is packed hard up there right now, and they are powdery and light down here.”

Teetaert shared a video of Cole skiing across a beautiful, snowy street captioning that, “Some love the snow in Vancouver! Transit problem solved.”

While Cole is an avid alpine enthusiast, he also bikes to school every day, rain or shine.

“He has only missed biking to school three days this year,” Teetaert said. “One time I had to stop him from going because there was black ice on the street. And he’ll often come back from these bike rides soaking wet, just drenched, but that doesn’t stop him, it never does.”

“He is so determined.”