Watch the insane way they clear ice from cables on the Alex Fraser Bridge (Video)


Alex Fraser Bridge
Ministry of Transportation / Instagram

The Ministry of Transportation has released a video of the Alex Fraser Bridge that shows how ice and snow are removed from the cables.

The cable collar system was installed last year as a way to clear snowfall accumulation and prevent hazardous conditions on the crossing. Prior to this, ‘ice bombs’ – falling ice and slush – would come crashing down on commuters. And, before the cable collar system was installed, the ministry spent over $1 million to use de-icers as well as a helicopter to blow ice off the cables.

The cable collar system, valued at approximately $5 million, and completely funded by the province, serves as a more cost-effective way to prevent the build-up of ice and snow.

“The custom-designed system includes 10 collars, one stopper and one anchor on each of the bridge’s 192 cables. The system will be manually operated by crews of rope-access technicians, who will load and deploy the collars as needed,” describes the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

BC Ministry of Transportation shared a video of the new system on Tuesday, February 12 on Instagram stating how the, “Collar drops this afternoon on the Alex Fraser Bridge to clear existing accumulation before rush hour.”

BC Ministry of Transportation has shared a number of posts to its account that showcase various ways that the government combats the elements.

For example, a recent post from Summerland shows an explosive blast as part the work needed to clear a Highway 97 rockslide.

To check the latest road conditions in B.C., visit the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure online.