Canada ranks in top 10 countries in the world for positive mental wellbeing


Mental Wellbeing
Canadian flag in front of view of False Creek and the Burrard street bridge in Vancouver, Canada / Shutterstock

A recent study named the best countries in the world for positive mental wellbeing and Canada made the top ten.

Soul Sanctuaries examined a range of factors to determine the ranking that include: mental health, happiness, sunshine hours, social life, nature and kindness.

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The United Arab Emirates took the top spot, as the country sees an impressive 3508.7 of sunshine hours annually. Further, the Middle Eastern country is stunningly beautiful. The study highlights the awe-inspiring, “Jebel Dhanna, an area of several mountains and beautifully scenic sea cliffs.”

Indonesia came in second, and was noted for its spiritual and mental wellbeing. Mongolia came third, with Kenya in fourth.

Canada just made the top ten, placing ninth, but it did beat out the United States of America, which placed tenth.

Mental Wellbeing Index

  1. United Arab Emirates
  2. Indonesia
  3. Mongolia
  4. Kenya
  5. Thailand
  6. Israel
  7. Iceland
  8. Malta
  9. Canada
  10. United States of America

While Bhutan was not included on the list, Soul Sanctuaries notes that it is one of the top countries for mental health. The company notes that there wasn’t enough data available in order to include it, but that an extremely low percentage of the population report suffering from a mental illness.

Further, it notes that, “Bhutan is an incredibly unique place in that it prides itself on GNH (that’s Gross National Happiness) rather than GDP.”

Vancouver also recently ranked fourth on a list of the top 20 most popular cities in the world that search for information about veganism. In addition, it was also recently named one of the healthiest cities in the world in a ranking by Travel Supermarket.