Home Health Illegal eyewash seized from Richmond store by Health Canada

Illegal eyewash seized from Richmond store by Health Canada


Health Canada is warning consumers that an eyewash seized from a Richmond-based health store could pose significant health risks.

The “Kobayashi Aibon/Eyebon Eyewash,” advertised for use with contact lenses and to prevent eye disease is labelled to have a prescription drug – aminocaproic acid – that could have serious side effects.

The federal health authority says it has seized two types of the eyewash in “cool” and “mild” from Tokyo Beauty and Health Care’s retail location at 8191 Westminster Hwy, near No. 3 Road.

“Prescription drugs should be taken only under the advice and supervision of a healthcare professional,” says Health Canada’s warning.

“The unauthorized health product was packaged and labelled in Japanese (“Eyebon” may also be translated as “Aibon”). As a result, information about ingredients, usage, dosage and side effects may not be understood by all consumers.”

According to Health Canada, aminocaproic acid is used to decrease bleeding in clinical situations. If an eye is exposed to aminocaproic acid, it may affect the eye itself and be absorbed through the tear ducts into the blood.

Side effects could include watery eyes, vision changes, headache, dizziness, nausea, muscle weakness and skin rash.

The same product was seized by Health Canada in Burnaby in 2017.

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