Richmond group asks federal government to defer the legalization of cannabis edibles

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As edible cannabis products are scheduled to be permitted for sale in October, a Richmond group is voicing its opposition and asking the federal government to postpone it.

Canada Marijuana Concern Group, launched by Coun. Chak Au, former trustee Kenny Chiu and a number of other Richmond residents, have been opposing the legalization of recreational marijuana since October 2017.

Cannabis edibles/Shutterstock

Failing to stop the legalization of recreational marijuana last October, the group is now focusing its attention on edible cannabis products and is asking the federal government not to legalize the products “until certain issues are addressed.”

“It seems to us that the government is trying to move ahead of what the society and technology have grown accustomed to,” said Chiu at a press conference on Friday.

According to the group, issues need to be addressed such as “the liability of commercial and homemade producers on the consequences of people consuming their products,” and “the easy distinction of edible cannabis from other forms of snacks (so) that children may not be confused.”

They also expressed worries on the warnings, packaging and labelling restrictions, location for sale and prevention measures of edible cannabis products.

“We are asking the government to defer the second phase of marijuana legalization until parents and citizens can have sufficient time and attention to voice their concerns, and allow (researchers) to do more studies…” said Chiu.

The group said it has submitted its opinion to Health Canada’s consultation questionnaire on proposed regulations for edible cannabis.

It also started a petition to oppose the legalization of edible products. However, the petition only had one supporter and is now closed.

The public can submit their feedback regarding edible cannabis products online or email to by Wednesday, Feb. 20.