Dashcam footage shows Bentley speeding in wrong direction on B.C. highway


wrong direction
Jonathan Corrigan / YouTube

A Bentley was filmed speeding the wrong direction down the Coquihalla Highway in dashcam footage on Thursday, March 21.

The video was captured by YouTube user Jonathan Corrigan who published a video of the terrifying incident to his channel the same day.

The footage shows his perspective of the lane ahead, and he appears to have very little time to change lanes when the Bentley comes barreling toward him. Once he does switch lanes, however, the luxury car speeds past him.

“I was paying full attention and still had only a few seconds to spare, this guy was hauling up the hill,” he notes in the description.

“This happened about 5-6km north of Exit 186. The driver was driving Northbound in the Southbound lane.”